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You should put away the old self of your former way of life, and put on the new self, created in God's way in righteousness and holiness of truth.

- Ephesians 4:22, 24



The purpose of this message is to share with you changes to the volunteer verification processes / confirmation of compliance to the Archdiocese Decree on Child Protection at St. Dominic parish.  Effective March 15, 2016, all prospective volunteers will be validated via a new "In-Compliance Volunteer List".  This report will be updated on the 15th of each month (or the next workday if the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday.) 


This process change is driven by a recent review of St. Dominic's VIRTUS accounts by Archdiocesan auditors.  Changes are designed to help all volunteers adhere to the true purpose of the Decree on Child Protection, that is, awareness of the types of and signs of abuse, knowing how to communicate actual or suspected abuse situations, and knowing who is volunteering with our children.


What is changing? 

1. Effective March 15, 2016 with the publication of the monthly "In-Compliance Volunteer List”, all activity coordinators (teachers, lunchroom coordinators, PTO resources, Athletic Association sports coordinators, etc.) will need to confirm that their potential volunteers' names are on the Certified Volunteer report. 

·         Volunteers must be in compliance with their names present on the report that is published on the 15th of the month prior to the start of the particular activity.  (i.e. the first team try-outs, the date of a field trip, first day of lunch room duty, date of the class party, etc.) 

·         If a volunteer's name is not on the In-Compliance report they are ineligible to volunteer until they meet the compliance requirements and are included on the next monthly report.  

·         Activity coordinators can access the list via the St. Dominic Parish Website > Ministries > Volunteering with Youth > “In Compliance” Volunteer Listing.


2. After confirming the eligibility of their volunteers, activity coordinators will submit their list of confirmed volunteers to the Parish Secure Environment Coordinator (SEC) prior to the start of the activity. 


3. Coordinators for activities that last longer than 3 months (Room Parents, Lunch Room or Library Volunteers, etc.) are also required to recheck volunteers for compliance every 90 days and provide a list of these volunteers to the parish SEC. 


As a reminder, compliance to the Decree on Child Protection for volunteers includes:
1.) a current (unexpired) background check and
2.) remaining up-to-date on monthly continuing education bulletins (not more than 2 missed bulletins). Also,effective going forward anyone who falls behind six monthly bulletins will be required to repeat the live training session to return to compliance and be able
to volunteer.


The process to create a VIRTUS account, register for training and access monthly education bulletins remains unchanged and can also be found on the Parish website.  Contact the Secure Environment Coordinator – Deacon Mark Bardonaro  (471-7741 x 415) or your activity's coordinator if you have any questions related to this procedure change.