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Sing praise to the Lord, you his faithful ones, and give thanks to his holy name.

- Psalm 30:5





In marriage a man and a woman establish a life-long partnership between themselves. By its very nature the marital covenant is ordered toward the good of the spouses and the procreation of children. The Catholic Church recognizes the marriage of two baptized Christians as a sacrament.

Marriage is a sacrament that is celebrated in the context of a parish community of faith. You or your parents must be registered and active members of the parish for six months prior to scheduling a wedding. Scheduling must take place at least six months in advance of the wedding. Weddings are not scheduled during Advent or Lent. A marriage preparation program is required. To start the process call the parish office at 513-471-7741 at least six months prior to the desired wedding.


St. Dominic Marriage Prepartion Day Information


“Valid” Marriages

Much confusion remains about the Church’s recognition of marriages as either “valid” or “invalid”. I hope to address and clarify some of those areas of confusion.
The Catholic Church presumes all legally contracted marriages to be valid unless proven otherwise. This understanding is applied to all marriages, regardless of one’s baptismal status. For instance: The union of a Non-Catholic Christian and a non-baptized person, or the union of two non-baptized persons is recognized as valid and binding by the Catholic Church – as long as there are no impediments to the marriage (such an impediment would be a previous, binding marriage). Many Catholics are unaware that the Church recognizes these marriages as valid and binding even though the wedding took place “outside of the church”. Many Non-Catholics are surprised to discover that the Catholic Church recognized their marriages as valid and binding. This often happens when, after a divorce, the Non-Catholic wishes to marry a Catholic and finds that they need to apply for a declaration of nullity of the first marriage.

A Catholic is required by the Church to be married in the Church with at least two witnesses and in the presence of a priest or deacon. Therefore, a wedding, where one or both parties are Catholic, that takes place in a courthouse or even in a church of another denomination, without a Roman Catholic priest or deacon receiving the vows would not be considered a valid marriage, unless a special dispensation had been granted by the (arch)bishop. Frankly, this marriage outside of the proper, required form is not uncommon and is relatively easy to remedy with a convalidation of the marriage, as long as there are no impediments to the marriage (again, such as a previous, binding marriage).

If you have any questions regarding a marriage, divorce or declaration of nullity, please call me.

Deacon Mark 513-471-7741 ext.415